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I wrote these to share what I've learned over my 35+ year career as a professional writersharing things I wish someone had told me all those years ago.


1. Write Faster Now! 10 writing myths debunked so you can start—and finish—faster


Almost everyone harbors misconceptions about writing. It’s easy to latch on to limiting beliefs about writing because there are so many myths out there. I know because I once believed them too. I’ve pulled together my top 10 list of the worst myths that keep people from becoming successful writers.


2. How to Write Articles & Blogs: Your step-by-step guide to writing articles & blogs people actually read!


Too many books on the market focus on rules and regulations of writing with too few examples. They fail to take you through a step-by-step writing process or excite your creativity. How to Write Articles & Blogs turns that around with a healthy dose of information and inspiration.


3. 5 Handy Writing Checklists: Kick-start your writing, engage your readers, and get the results you want.


Even experts need checklists to get it right. Stop by any journalist’s desk and you’re sure to see a dog-eared, coffee-stained copy of the Associated Press Stylebook. I’ve designed these 5 Handy Writing Checklists to help you write with ease, write faster, and get even better results. Checklists include:

  • Cut Through Fear & Dread Checklist

  • Tell Successful Stories Checklist

  • Edit for Success Checklist

  • Tap into Your Creativity Checklist

  • Grammar Goof & Gaffe Checklist


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