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"Good writing is really good editing ... bad writers just stopped too soon."

Welcome! You’re likely here because you love to write—or hate to write.


I can help you either way.

I’ve been fortunate. I've enjoyed a 35+ year career as a professional writer. But I wasn’t born a great writer. I didn’t edit my high school newspaper or write for the college magazine. I was a late bloomer, and once I figured out I wanted to write, I had to work hard at it.


All of which means you can write well too. The writers’ club is big and welcoming. You just need to keep practicing and learning some tricks of the trade. I believe that everyone can learn to write well, and that’s why I’m now a writing coach and book coach.

So if you love to write, read on. I’ve got all kinds of tips and techniques to share.

And if you hate to write? Read on, I’ve got all kinds of tips and techniques to take the sting out.

Writing is a fact of life these days—whether you’re an office worker, an entrepreneur, or someone yearning to write your first book. It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

And be sure to check out my FREE BOOKS! (Oh, yeah, and my other books too!) I poured everything I know about writing into them. 

I look forward to helping you achieve success with all of your writing.